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Thursday, October 18, 2018

About eleven years ago in a tiny farming community call Gwynne in the province of Alberta Canada a vision was birthed. A woman called Dallas Lofgren out of the love of Christ in her heart saw the burden my wife and I had in our hearts for the hurting children and widows of our home country Nigeria.
In April of 2007, my wife and I together with Dallas and a few of our friends around Gwynne came together and had a meeting at our home In Gwynne Wetaskiwin. Out of that divine meeting and conversation a vision was born called Gilgal Women and Children Ministry. That which started like a tender shoot ( our little beginning)
In 2008 the Lord brought my family to Grande Cache. Here the vision received another boost as our church family in Corner Mountain Assembly came alongside the vision and our first mission trip to start a school in Nigeria happened in the month of October 2008.
On the 14 of October 2008, we established the first Gilgal international school for orphans and the less privileged in Otukpo Nigeria with a total of 68 children. To the glory of God today we have a total of 460 between our two facilities and since 2012 have had 99 students graduated and moved on to secondary schools, this can only be God.
Ten years ago we started in a rented complex, though the school is still running out of that rented complex a few years ago the Lord blessed us with a permanent piece of property where we have started building our permanent structures.
Today as we speak the Lord has completed a block with 4 classrooms, two office and toilets all running to the glory of God. The second block of four classrooms is almost completed and very soon we shall be commencing the building of a dining hall and kitchen.
Our vision and dream for the near future is to start a secondary school and vocational training centre for the kids to learn, carpentry, computer training, catering and tailoring. God helping us this shall soon become a reality in Jesus mighty name.
In my last letter, I mentioned we have also started helping our most vulnerable students to continue on to secondary schools. Presently we are sponsoring seven students in pursuing secondary school education.
Today marks the tenth anniversary of the school, as we mark this tenth year I want to to thank all those who stood by us from the beginning of this vision to date. Those who are still standing and supporting us against all odds.
I want to thank my wife, Esther, what a blessing she is to me. I could not have asked for a better wife and a partner to be by my side every day and every way. Esther and the boys have made being a pastor look easy and for that, I am eternally grateful to God for blessing me with them. Courage, Judah & David, my boys and dear wife thank you for your understanding, for choosing to go without sometimes so I can pursue this dream. I appreciate your patience and sacrifice.
Dallas Lofgren for nudging me on, standing with me and encouraging refusing to take no from me until this vision became a reality. To our church, Cornerstone Mountain Assembly thank you for all your supports your encouragement, prayers and all you do to support this vision.
Ernie And Ruth Teseri thank you
Colleen Wood thank you
Gord & Pat Grice thank you
Bruce & Jean Adair of the town of Brownfield, thank you
Brandlyn & Jesse Musial thank you
Barb & Nancy Heward
Nick & Lorie Fehr
The entire Gwynne community church family thank you
Pastor Cliff &Marilyn Newbury thank you
Pastor Judy & Al Osborne thank you
David & Melody Livingston thank you
Cheryl & Brian Ferragotti thank you
Norm & Verna Sacrey thank you
Late Linda Loo thank you
Melina & Nick Abraham thank you
Barry &Sharon Mcamamon thank you
Todd &Deanna Jenkins thank you
Berrie & Thea Starvast thank you
The entire Cornerstone Mountain Assembly family thank you
Sonrise Christian School Grande Cache thank you
1. Anugba Ogah my grandmother thank you
2. Latitude Mukaddas my mother-in-law thank you
3. Johan And Margarete Altersten my Swedish parents thank you
Annmarie Johansson thank you
Ambassador George Ajonye thank you
General P.G and Rakiya Ogah thank you
Inalegwu And Rhodah Ajonye thank you
Oche And chichi Ekah thank you
Rev And Pastor mrs James Adogo thank you
Dr Emmanuel Adama Ajonye
Deji Aliu thank you
Rev And Mrs Oije of Deeper Life church Otada, thank you
(Dd )
Pastor Bartholomew Abba and the four staff that have been with the school from the day it started till date,
Mrs grace Onuh,
Miss Victoria Anthony,
Mrs oganyi Elahi &
Mrs Endurance Okpe.
Pastor Bath Abba your reward is in heaven you and all the staff, how do I begin to thank you for all your love and sacrifice to keep this great vision going.
There are names too many to mention here today. Those of you who support from time to time financially I want to say we are forever grateful to God for your love and sacrifice.
To everyone who support the vision with your prayers, your funds, words of encouragement The Lord bless you all richly. My family and I are eternally grateful to you for your wonderful love and support.
Happy 10th anniversary to Gilgal International Group of Schools!

Gilgal students and staff praying, praising and thanking the Lord today. Blessing the Lord for ten years of God's faithfulness. On their permanent site in Otada/ Otukpo Benue State Nigeria.